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ECR Walls – C Look


Named after Saint Louis Square in Montreal, Québec

Much like Saint Louis Square, which has been described as the closest thing to a European neighborhood square you’ll find this side of the Atlantic, this model lends a classic look to any cab with its upper and lower panels separated by a 6” handrail panel.

Shown here with:

  • 11⁄2″ Tubular Handrail
  • Massif Ceiling
  • Fire rated Arborite plastic laminate W-420 CA Summer Flame


Named after Rockefeller Plaza, New York, New York

The Rockefeller uses continuous vertical panels to give the impression of a taller cab in keeping with the famous New York City skyscrapers which surround it.

Shown here with:

  • 11⁄2″ Tubular Handrail
  • Aspen Slim Line Ceiling
  • Fire rated Arborite plastic laminate W-403 CA Natural Anigre


Named after Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia

By using a variety of materials such as glass, laminate and stainless steel in a vertical design – like its namesake – the Federation Square blends new and old world themes into an innovative design.

Shown here with:

  • 4″ Flat Bar Handrail
  • Castle Floating Ceiling
  • Side walls in fire rated Arborite plastic laminatec laminate S-568 CA Midnight Blue
  • Rear wall above handrail in clear mirror
  • Rear wall below handrail in Stainless Steel Linen

Why replace a panel when you can just flip it?

Thanks to the C-Look’s unique dual-sided panels, you can save time and money when you need to replace a damaged panel. Simply remove the damaged panel, flip it over, and set it back into place – your cab’s as good as new!

1. A damaged cab panel would normally require replacement

2. With C-LookTM you need only remove the panel, flip it over, and re-install

3. Your C-LookTM looks as good as the day you installed it